Nov 17, 2010

How I Should Behave toward Irrationality

What should I think and do when I face up to irrational people who I have to get along with for a while? It must not necessarily be a good idea to challenge or try to convince them logically since logic might irritate them more. On the other hand, there can be some cases I should point out and put things right if situations need productivity or efficiency, e.g. in work or study. This sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? However, once I feel offended or find me being able to tolerate or even love them, this can become more difficult for me.

Let’s begin with the case I feel offended. I may want to protect myself with logic, but I may also doubt I can really protect myself with refuting them because they may have merely wanted to say something and maybe I shouldn’t have taken things personally. In this case, there’s nothing I can protect myself from. It could end up barking up the wrong tree and making me pathetic. This is absolutely the last thing I want to be.

When it comes to tolerance or love, I will be happy to do that if I can since I have always sought chances to develop my such ability. Nevertheless, am I responsible? If I can do more which may be giving them my two cents gently rather than just accepting, should I do this? It could still make them feel challenged.

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