Dec 24, 2011

10 reasons for Local Food

Select Nova Scotia gives relevant & concise 10 reasons for Local Food although some are more controversial. If you ask me, it's a no-brainer to pick up #1. Delicious as the best benefit, which is absolutely related to our well-being.

However, what should be paid attention to in the list is that a half of them are socio-cultural reasons: #4. Be Social, #5. Get in Touch with the Seasons, #6. Explore Your Own Backyard, #7. Try Something New and #9. Create Family Memories.

In spite of, probably because of, this digital era, we still need and put much value on physical connection and experience. Of course, I will also keep interested in how agriculture can become more environmentally friendly. However, to be effective, local food discussion should be done in the taste & socio-cultural contexts, which are already aiming at huge ambition.

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