Dec 20, 2011

A Smell of Communism

Although I'm an advocate of Local food and believe it as a better distribution of fresh produces than others, I can't help doubting CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is the system to implement it.

According to Wikipedia, CSA aims at "the production of high quality foods for a local community". This is absolutely great, which makes two of us. However, it is structured with a common-pricing system and ‘shared risk and reward’ agreement, with which I feel uncomfortable. It just reminds me of the failure of communism: hopelessly little innovation and faulty justification of misfortune.

Simply, why doesn't it just stick to a basic free market system? What can give agriculture such a special position in the whole economy? Especially under the predominant trend of getting more health- & environment-conscious, the original aim "the production of high quality foods for a local community" could just work better with a simple but very strong competitive advantage - vicinity.

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