Jun 7, 2012

Technology as an Agent of Change

The title is one of my favorite statements Niall Cook made in his ‘Enterprise 2.0’. He went on saying,
Did people have videos cluttering up their hard drives just waiting to be free before YouTube came along? No. YouTube was the catalyst for an explosion in amateur video production amongst the masses.
Very true. Definitely not the other way around. Especially, in the age where markets are empowered by the Internet, we're not allowed to just expect technology to support the changes we are instilling if we hope to stay in business because:
markets are getting smarter – and getting smarter faster than most companies
The Cluetrain Manifesto
Thus, we should use technology as a driver of change; otherwise, “innovations” would become obsolete as soon as they reach maturity.

Last few months, I have a co-worker on a couple of projects. She & I have different backgrounds from other students, and a bit older I mean maturer. Nonetheless I'm a reasonably ordinary guy, I suppose. However, no one could understand before actually observing her days how she's been social-networking in the real world. That's a phenomenon indeed.

She can’t help going to a birthday party in the very evening when a massive co-project is due in order to increase her most valuable asset – social capital. Regardless of situations I have to spend certain time as a share & currency trader to make a living, and as a technology advocate to catch up with a fast evolving domain.

These are our markets. We are no longer in the ivory tower, rather in the midst of real societies as students. So, every jobs need to be done more quickly. But we've got ample spirit of inquiry at the same time. We do want to learn.

As one of the solutions, Google Docs has been a tool, through which we can see how the other constructs arguments in real time; i.e. we can directly learn from on-going processes without explanations at a later time. This is far more efficient. This is a modern form of collaboration. This is the means whereby we learn in the era.

Google Docs is a dead simple but powerful collaborative application, way ahead of a conventional wiki. I guess when we first used the tool she probably didn’t have much experience. But she just used it, collaborated with me, and learned much. This was a manifestation of the old notion – a good tool is simple then changes our behavior.

Technology has already revolutionized the world but I firmly believe the biggest time hasn’t come yet.

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