Aug 29, 2012


今朝、親しいものが亡くなりました。彼は2、3日前から全く食べず、ただYo-Yo Maを聴きながら最後までしっかり生きて、そして死にました。
−葛城 ミサト



差し当たり、僕も今日は何も食べずYo-Yo Maを聴きながら勉強しようと思う。そうでもしなければ、未熟な僕は彼の死から何かをきちんと学べる気がしない。


Design Concept

I was responsible for creating a poster for the local food research I’ve been involved in. I am by no means a graphic designer; actually a very novice for that matter. It’s been a while, more than 10 years, since last time I played with a vector graphics editor. Even I didn’t know what was CorelDRAW, which I ended up spending tons of hours together. Although I had an image I wanted to somehow imitate, there was literally no clue to where/how to start.

So, as others do I began to google about poster design long before firing up the editor. I encountered Steven Bradley saying “A good design begins with a good design concept.” It made much sense because I had been intensely working on a research design of the project and, as a part of that, designing a case study methodology, both of which I found profoundly based upon clear concepts and theories.

Here’s what I got on a design concept, which the poster is built on.
  • Homey and nostalgic feeling toward local food
  • Two contrasting definitions of local
  • Systemic approach preferred instead of reductionistic approach
  • Different influence among existing channels in local food system
  • Different values realized in different channels
  • Importance of conversation

And the followings are actual decisions guided by the design concept.
  • The title has got a soft font style in brown in order to express somehow prevailing homey and nostalgic feeling toward local food.
  • Two identical maps are used to visualize two contrasting definitions of local.
  • Linear or grid layout has been avoided to emphasize a systemic approach instead of a reductionistic approach.
  • Each of 5 channels has received a circle in a different size reflecting its influence in LFS. Especially, since farmers market is currently the predominant form, it more overlaps other circles.
  • Each value has been placed according to the order of affinity to the channels, shown in the spreadsheet. Although this is by no means successful, some of them tells about their positions. For instance, CSA by definition has a strong philosophical orientation to ‘Support local’. Sensory aspects are a little closer to CSA/Farm stand than FM because of more direct delivery. Social features are more clearly manifested in FM with regard to both consumers and producers due to its more diverse and face-to-face interaction.
  • Speech bubble has been chosen to put brief descriptions due to the irregular layout. Also, it represents the importance of conversation in LFS; i.e. as if participants speak about the values.

Given the limited resources, i.e. human, tools, and time, it was a challenging task but I learned a lot and enjoyed it. It’s not too bad considering an amateur work, is it?

(If you like, a full-size PDF file is available here.)