May 26, 2013

Individuality and Political Systems

There’s another fruit of the interactions with those girls from China. They are flesh and blood. This obvious fact, however, gets me thinking – What do political & economic systems really have to do with individuality?

As illustrated in 1984, even under the extreme circumstances, human beings are probably resilient enough to develop their own uniqueness. Yes, we do more or less. The problem is that there’s something holding back the process, naysaying the celebration.

Although history has, by and large, proven Karl Marx’s theory is implausible, still his central thesis in itself makes sense to me – capitalism causes alienation. I’d be happy to deduce something meaningful from the comparison of those from China or Japan, were there enough data in hand. The best I can do is, though, to allege a case and dream up the future along a wishful thinking. Let me do that.

Based on statistically very insignificant data, there observed are some vibrant & unique Chinese girls and inward-looking & faceless Japanese girls. If there were something wrong with the current form of capitalism, it would be due to the dysfunctional top-down haughty and disdainful government. I’m not saying China’s approach is more humble or respectful of citizens, because I don’t know. But, I’m saying capitalism has left behind humanity, care, and dignity in exchange for economic growth. What on earth have we learned since ‘small is beautiful’ came along 40 years ago? Over last 40 years, seriously? And, without due care and attention, China might follow suit and lose those vibrant girls. That’s too bad.

In order to avoid the capitalist alienation and foster the individuality, to begin with, why not boldly put Karl Marx and Milton Friedman together and propose that policymakers should admit their limited abilities and be satisfied if they do no harm.

Well, I know I know too little about the issue and must keep on studying. For the moment, I wish to become an expert in economics that sees people matter, like E.F. Schumacher.

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