May 24, 2013

Vibrant Girls from China

source: The Australian

The university has many students from mainland China. I too have chances to talk to some of them, particularly girls. While 20ish-year-old girls, obviously, have millions of things to do besides studying, I've found one thing in common among them: challenging fate.

I don’t know much about how they were raised in what circumstances. They express to me some sort of ‘coming-back-home’ pressure from parents. I can imagine not many parents just send abroad their precious girls — only girl for each under the policy — and let them live whatever life they prefer. Some declare war of pursuing academic success at foreign universities. Others say girls just want to have fun with boyfriends made here.

I for one grew up with virtually no restriction on life. This has indeed profound impacts on how I am now. So, although I’m not a right person to really understand their pressure, it’s only natural to encourage and give a hand to such sweet girls. What do I do? Helping with economics assignments, of course! With those girls, the future seems bright for China.

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