Aug 10, 2017

At thirty eight

I usually pay very little attention to my age and sometimes have trouble exactly telling it off the top of my head. Recently, however, I had a series of conversations that burned into my mind the number 38. Nevertheless, the immediate reaction was “so what?” I did not think of what to do with it or how to interpret it.

Although I still hesitate to make any general statement of getting older, I can at least compare my own thirty eight and twenties. The biggest difference is that I am better at identifying and working for things important for me. In my twenties, I really could not tell whether I wanted to cherish someone or be cherished by everyone, or whether I wanted to recognize something great or be recognized as great. Even after bumping into what mattered to me, I did not know how to take risks and dedicate myself to them.

Now, I am at thirty eight and lucky enough to have found a few things I know important and love to serve.

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